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9 Animals by LOA Charming Scott
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Name AKKPS# Dam Gender Color Sorted by Birth DateBirth Date Breeder Owner Progeny
KKP Kandi LOA Wind in the Willows Sow 1
KKP Rona 6 LOA Winds Arising - Blondie Sow 13
KKP Tongangui 7 LOA Berry Barrow 1
KKP Tonganui 9 LOA Winds Arising - Blondie Barrow 1
KKP Wilsons Gina 2 LOA Berry Sow 3
KuneKune Preserve Bullet AKKPS 0231 LOA Winds Arising - Blondie Boar Ginger 05/25/2008 Cyndi Berry Cyndi Berry
KuneKune Preserve PeeDee AKKPS 0232 LOA Wind in the Willows Sow Black/White 05/27/2008 Cyndi Berry Cyndi Berry 9
KuneKune Preserve Cuddles AKKPS 0238 LOA Berry Sow Ginger 06/13/2008 Cyndi Berry Cyndi Berry
KKP Tonganui 10 - Diezel AKKPS 0242 LOA Winds Arising - Blondie Boar Black/White 05/13/2010 Cyndi Berry Cyndi Berry 2

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