Little Gems Tutu

Little Gems Tutu

AKKPS Reg. No:  NZ
Date of Birth: 
Date Registered:   12/09/2019
Gender:  Barrow
Belting:  No
DNA Case No: 
Inbreeding:  0.0%
Progeny (1)


Little Gems Tutu
Farrgo Bert
Ararewa Mahutanui Ararewa Eru NZ 2502 Ararewa Aorangi NZ 2310  
Mags Xena NZ 2250  
Ararewa Mini Mina NZ 2732 Ararewa Chowdry NZ 2307  
Ararewa Makerats NZ 2311  
Ararewa Rebecca II Kowhai Rangi NZ 2000 Highland Kermit NZ 1677  
Aroha Martha IV NZ 1814  
Ararewa Bonny NZ 1819 Aroha Maka Mahia IV NZ 1813  
Ararewa Nui NZ 1657  
Zedentee Beryl
Zedentee Ebony Inspected    
Inspected Female    
Zedentee Jess Inspected    
Inspected Female    

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