XTC KuneKunes Ru 2 - XTC Sargento

XTC KuneKunes Ru 2 - XTC Sargento

AKKPS Reg. No:  AKKPS 0638
Date of Birth:  03/13/2014
Date Registered:   12/09/2019
ID:  9777200008659564
Gender:  Boar
Wattles:  2
Color:  Ginger/Black
Belting:  No
DNA Case No:  AKB275
Inbreeding:  2.0%
Breeder:  Brad Branam
XTC KuneKunes
PO Box 976
Rogue River, OR
USA  97537
Owner:  Jennifer Barger / Rob McCollum
Winged Magnolia Farms
1150 Beech Springs Rd
Pelzer, SC
USA  29669
Progeny (41)


XTC KuneKunes Ru 2 - XTC Sargento
GMF Ru 12 - Highbeam Brown/White
Barton Hill Ru 40 - Barclay Black/White Barton Hill Ru 26 Cromwell Ru III Happy Pig Ru I
Hanging Royd Sally III
Barton Hill Awakino V Barton Hill Tutaki IX
Wild Meadows Awakino VIII
Long Ash Trish 820 Long Ash Te Whangi 623 Long Ash Te Whangi 91
Long Ash Sally 133
Long Ash Trish 584 Long Ash Te Whangi 91
Charming Trish I
Barton Hill Sally XVIII - Duchess Kate Cream Kinecroft Te Whangi III Long Ash Te Whangi 772 Long Ash Te Whangi 623
Long Ash Awakino 196
Superstar Jenny I Meeland Ru XVI
Barton Hill Jenny I
Boasley Sally IX Stawley Andrew I Avalon Andrew I
Pandy Jenny VII
Mounts Bay Sally III Barton Hill Tutaki IX
Long Ash Sally 607
USA Wilsons Gina 3 - Kiwi Ginger/Black
USA Andrew 7 Long Ash Andrew 718 Long Ash Andrew 272 Charming Andrew 133
Charming Trish I
Long Ash Awakino 196 Charming Andrew 133
Long Ash Awakino 35
Long Ash Jenny 738 Long Ash Andrew 477 Charming Andrew 133
Long Ash Sally 97
Long Ash Jenny 487 Charming Andrew 133
Charming Jenny II
KKP Wilsons Gina 2 LOA Charming Scott LOA Taniwha LOA Tonganui
LOA Mahulki
LOA Charming Patsy LOA Charming Patrick
LOA Mosaic
LOA Berry LOA Blackberry LOA Tonganui
LOA Tiwaiwaka
LOA Emma Grunt LOA Taniwha
LOA Charming Margaret

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