KKP Kandi

KKP Kandi

Date of Birth: 
Date Registered:   12/09/2019
Gender:  Sow
Belting:  No
DNA Case No: 
Inbreeding:  7.8%
Progeny (1)


KKP Kandi
LOA Charming Scott
LOA Taniwha LOA Tonganui    
LOA Mahulki    
LOA Charming Patsy LOA Charming Patrick    
LOA Mosaic    
LOA Wind in the Willows Black
LOA Blackberry LOA Tonganui    
LOA Tiwaiwaka Boris  
Hilldale Tui  
LOA Charming Wind LOA Charming Patrick    
LOA Spanky LOA Tonganui  
LOA Rona  

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