West Georgia KuneKunes BH Tutaki 3 - Luigi

West Georgia KuneKunes BH Tutaki 3 - Luigi

AKKPS Reg. No:  AKKPS 16797
Date of Birth:  04/06/2021
Date Registered:   04/29/2021
ID:  Ear Tag: 069
Gender:  Boar
Wattles:  0
Color:  Black/White
Belting:  No
DNA Case No:  KPS3688
Inbreeding:  6.9%
Breeder:  Steve Rogers
West Georgia KuneKunes
5910 Smithfield Rd
Bowdon, GA
USA  30108
Owner:  Amanda Carlisle
Carlisle Acres
16026 NW 278th Ave
Alachua, FL
USA  32615
Progeny (1)

West Georgia KuneKunes BH Tutaki 3 - Luigi


This boar is amazing. We own his brother and don't need both or he would stay. Great confirmation, amazing personality. Someone will be lucky to have him. See more of him on our website at CarlisleAcres.com. Message for more info. Trades accepted . Transport available.

West Georgia KuneKunes BH Tutaki 3 - Luigi
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