KKP Boris 18 - Spencer

KKP Boris 18 - Spencer

AKKPS Reg. No:  AKKPS 0020
Date of Birth:  05/16/2012
Date Registered:   12/09/2019
ID:  0A13193C66
Gender:  Boar
Wattles:  2
Color:  Ginger/Black
Belting:  No
DNA Case No:  NCS 2857
Inbreeding:  0.0%
Breeder:  Cyndi Berry
KuneKune Preserve USA
3205 Lambert Rd
Mt. Pleasant, NC
USA  28124
Owner:  Debby Griffin
Griffin Gypsy Ranch
PO Box 122
Anahuac, TX
USA  77514
Progeny (11)


KKP Boris 18 - Spencer
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